Toric Topology

Researchers: Victor Buchstaber, Alexander Gaifullin, Nickolay Erochovets and Taras Panov.

Toric Topology studies torus actions on manifolds and cell complexes whose orbit quotients have a rich combinatorial structure. The subject has appeared in the late 1990s as a topological extension of the theory of algebraic and hamiltonian toric manifolds. Toric Topology is characterised by a confluence of ideas and methodology of equivariant topology, algebraic and symplectic geometry, combinatorics, commutative and homological algebra. This is a new and actively developing area attracting more and more researchers around the world.

Surveys and monographs in toric topology:

  • В.М.Бухштабер, Т.Е.Панов. Торическая топология. Современные проблемы математики и механики, т.III "Математика", вып.1. Посвящается 70-летию со дня рождения В.А.Садовничего. Изд-во Московского Университета, 2009, стр. 109--120 (in Russian). pdf-файл

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