Conferences on geometry, topology and related topics

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Russian–German conference on Several Complex Variables

Moscow, Russia 27 February-2 March 2012  

The Second International Conference
K-Theory, C*-algebras and Topology of Manifolds II

Nankai University, Tianjin, China 7-11 May 2012  

Alexandroff Readings
International Topological Conference

Moscow, Russia 21-25 May 2012  

Topology and Groups: Berlin 2012

Berlin, Germany School: 18-22 June 2012
Confererence: 25-29 June 2012

Lie Algebras, Algebraic Groups and Invariant Theory
Summer School and Conference

Tolyatti, Russia 25-30 June 2012 1 May

Young Topologists Meeting 2012

Copenhagen, Denmark 2-6 July 2012 15 April

6th European Congress of Mathematics

Krakow, Poland 2-7 July 2012  

Algebraic Topology: Applications and New Directions
Conference in honor of Gunnar Carlsson, Ralph Cohen and Ib Madsen to celebrate their 60th and 70th birthdays

Stanford University, USA 23-27 July 2012  

Summer School in Discrete and Computational Geometry
organised by the Laboratory of Discrete and Computational Geometry

Yaroslavl Region, Russia 23 July-10 August 2012  

XVIII EBT - 18th Brazilian Topology Meeting

Sao Paulo, Brazil 29 July-3 August 2012  

Yaroslavl international conference
Discrete Geometry
dedicated to centenary of A.D.Alexandrov

Yaroslavl Region, Russia 13-18 August 2012 1 June

Fourth Arolla Conference on Algebraic Topology

Arolla, Switzerland 20-26 August 2012  

XVII Geometrical Seminar

Zlatibor, Serbia 3-8 Septeber 2012 1 June

The 39th Symposition on Transformation Groups

Tokyo, Japan 23-25 November 2012  

International conference
Analysis and Singularities
dedicated to 75th anniversary of V.I.Arnold

Moscow, Russia 17-21 December 2012 1 October

Algebraic Topology and Abelian Functions
Conference in honour of Victor Buchstaber on the occasion of his 70th birthday

Moscow, Russia 17-21 June 2013  

MSRI Program in Algebraic Topology

Berkeley, California, USA 20 January-23 May 2014 1 December 2012

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