Conferences on geometry, topology and related topics

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A course on configuration spaces and a conference in algebraic topology

Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium 14-19 June 2004  

4th Poznan Workshop on Transformation Groups (satellite event of the 4ecm)

Poznan, Poland 21-24 June 2004  

Fourth European Congress of Mathematics

Stockholm, Sweden 27 June - 2 July 2004  

Geometry, Topology, and Combinatorics (satellite event of the 4ecm)

Stockholm, Sweden 3-6 July 2004  

Summer school
Interactions between homotopy theory and algebra

Chicago, USA 26 July - 6 August 2004 12 March

International conference
Geometric Topology Discrete Geometry and Set Theory
Centenary of L.V.Keldysh

Moscow, Russia 24-28 August 2004 1 May

19th British Topology Meeting

Glasgow, U.K. 13-14 September 2003  

Algebraic models of topological spaces and fibrations
Dedicated to the 90th anniversary of George Chogoshvili

Tbilisi, Georgia 13-18 September 2004 31 August

Forms of homotopy theory: elliptic cohomology and loop spaces

Fields Institute, Toronto, Canada 27 September-2 October 2004  

The XI Congress of Mathematics of Serbia and Montenegro

Petrovac na moru, Crna Gora 28 September-3 October 2004 15 May

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