Conferences on geometry, topology and related topics

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International Conference
Operator Algebras and Topololgy

Moscow, Russia 29 January - 3 February 2007  

Complex cobordism in homotopy theory: its impact and prospects

John Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA 10-13 March 2007  

International Conference on
Homology Theories, K-Theory and Homotopy Theory

Tbilisi, Georgia 28 May-2 June 2007  

Algebraic Topology: Old and New
M.M.Postnikov Memorial Conference

Bedlewo, Poland 18-24 June 2007  

3-manifold geometry and topology
(part of 2006-2007 Warwick Symposium on Low Dimensional Geometry and Topology)

Warwick, U.K. 9-12 July 2007  

22nd Summer Conference on Topology and Its Applications

Castellon, Spain 24-27 July 2007  

Abel Symposium 2007
Algebraic Topology

Oslo, Norway 5-10 August 2007  

International Conference
Analysis and Singularities
dedicated to the 70th anniversary of V.I.Arnold

Moscow, Russia 20-24 August 2007  

22nd British Topology Meeting

Sheffield, UK 10-12 September 2007 15 July

International Conference on Algebraic Topology

Djerba, Tunisia 20-23 October 2007  

International Conference
Transformation Groups
dedicated to the 70th anniversary of E.B.Vinberg

Moscow, Russia 17-22 December 2007 1 September

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