Conferences on geometry, topology and related topics

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Symposium on Transformation Groups

Tokyo, Japan 17-19 November 2004  

International conference
Topology, analysis and applications to mathematical physics
Dedicated to the memory of Yu.P.Solovyov

Moscow, Russia 14-19 February 2005 23 October

Braids, Links, and Mapping Class Groups
a conference in honour of Joan Birman

New York, USA 17-20 March 2005  

International conference on
Selected Problems of Modern Mathematics
Dedicated to the 200th anniversary of K.G.Jacobi

Kaliningrad, Russia 3-9 April 2005 1 November

43rd Annual Cornell Topology Festival

Cornell University, USA 6-9 May 2005 1 April

International Mediterranean Congress of Mathematics

Almeria, Spain 6-10 June 2005 15 May

Joint meeting of the American Mathematical Society, German Mathematical Society and Austrian Mathematical Society
with a special session on homotopy theory

Mainz, Germany 16-19 June 2005 31 March

Pure and Applied Algebraic Topology

Isle of Skye, Scotland, UK 21-25 June 2005 15 April

International Conference
Contemporary Geometry and Related Topics 2005

Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro 26 June-2 July 2005 15 April

Conference on Algebraic Topology

Krakow, Poland 27 June-1 July 2005 1 June

Algebraic K- and L-Theory of Infinite Groups

Edinburgh, Scotland, UK 27 June-1 July 2005  

The 6th Iberoamerican conference on topology and its applications (CITA-2005)

Puebla, Mexico 4-7 July 2005 1 June

Groups, Homotopy, and Configurations Spaces
Conference in honour of Fred Cohen

Tokyo, Japan 5-11 July 2005  

Categories in Algebra, Geometry and Mathematical Physics
Conference in honour of Ross Street's sixtieth birthday

Sydney, Australia 11-15 July 2005  

Manifolds and their Mappings
5th International Siegen Topology Symposium

Seigen, Germany 25-30 July 2005  

Conference of the GDR
Braids and low dimensional topology

Rennes, France 31 August-3 September 2005 20 June

20th British Topology Meeting

Bristol, UK 12-14 September 2005  

Future Directions in 3-manifolds

Ann Arbor Michigan, USA 15-18 October 2005  

Special program on algebraic topology

Institut Mittag-Leffler, Sweden Spring 2006  

International Congress of Mathematicians 2006

Madrid, Spain 22-30 August 2006  

Thematic Program on Geometric Applications of Homotopy Theory

Fields Institute, Toronto, Canada January-June 2007  

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